Superior Teffilin (Gassot) Mehudar


High Quality Tefillin Set The outter boxes of this Tefilin set is made of "Cowhide", cowhide is a much thicker and stronger skin layer for Tefilin, that will last you for a life time and can be repaired repeatedly if damaged. The scrolls of Tefilin are manually checkedand then computer checked. Written on natural parchment and are guaranteed to be 100% Kosher. A certificate certifying the Kashrut of this Tefillin set is included. 
Please indicate if the Tefillin set is for a right handed or Left handed. Do you want Ashkenaz, Sfardi or Chabad Tefillin. See the tefillin options above. Price of Tefillin reflects a complete ready-to-wear Tefillin set, inner & outer boxes, straps etc.